This is not exactly a software issue, but if anyone knows about downloading embedded video, then this question is for you. I need to download an embedded video file from a website, and I have the permission to do so, in fact they said when they put the video online that they wanted people to download it for non-commercial use. Commedia dell'Arte

I downloaded Firefox add-on Download Embedded. A green arrow appears at the bottom of the screen, and clicking that, I can download the file as "" I don't understand the .qt, is that quicktime? But yet I can't open the file in any of my software (iMovie, Handbrake, or Quicktime 7.6.4). So I downloaded Greasemonkey and the Umembed script, but I'm not sure it installed correctly. The download link that is supposed to appear under the embedded video doesn't appear. Any insight? Thank you!