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Thread: Sony PMB + Win7

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    Default Sony PMB + Win7

    Evening all-

    I have and HDR-HC7 that I have been using happily for a couple years now. I have always used the PMB in windows XP.

    I made the switch to Win7 which has been great. I haven't been back to XP since I installed. However, I am having a problem with Sony PMB to where I cannot import any video. When I go to select the import from "tape" on the import button, the software does nothing.

    The HDR-HC7 shows up on the device manager. The LCD of the camera indicate the iLINK (1394 IEEE connection) as on.

    I tried to import via Vegas Pro and it says this device can't not be open - make sure the power is on and the device is not in use.

    I have upgraded the PMB to 4.2, contacted their support and I am really fresh out of ideas. I can't any process that shows the device in use or any software that may be using the application.

    Any thoughts on where to go from here?


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    Is it possible you have blown your camcorders iLink connection? Do you use a 4pin to 6pin converter cable? Try on another pc

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    Thanks for the response. I have determined that the camera is all functioning fine. I am able to import just fine from Sony Vegas (I was selecting the incorrect camera type) and I can also go back to XP32 and everything works great.

    I have since uninstalled PMB and reverted back to 2.1 for my camera in Win7. the import function came up "once" and since then, when I select "tape" and hit ok, the import function does not move to the next screen to select import location and bring up the camera controls.

    Who knows. I am about 99.575% sure it's a function of Win7 + PMB since everything functions as expected in XP.


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