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Thread: Sony Vegas 9 (Pro) - Image Cut Off

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    Hello, Everybody.

    It was my pleasure to join these forums, I hope they will be helpful in the future. But to get to the point: I have made a 1920x1080 project in Sony Vegas, mainly a slide show of pictures. I want to add a watermark (For those of you who do not know what it is, it's that little logo in the corner of the screen to claim copyright). I have successfully made a 400x400 watermark in PhotoShop. When I put it into Vegas, and I move it to the corner, it gets cut off by an alpha mask:

    I tried making a bigger image in PhotoShop, but I can't make a big enough letter for the logo, plus, the error still happens. So is there any way to fix this.

    Thanks in Advanced, and I enjoy helping other people on this forum.

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    I'd say you have tried to reposition your Logo using Pan/Crop and have got to the edge and have nothing left? Not the Alpha Mask.

    OK, let's start over.

    Firstly I'd make a PLATE of the format I want to get BACK to. And then secondly use this Plate to locate the Logo correctly.

    Here it would appear 16x9 - yes? OK. Put the Vegas cursor over some sample solid BLACK. Put your Preview Quality to BEST(Full) and save a snapshot to file either PNG or JPG.

    Open this in your GraphEd

    You should now have a 16x9 solid BLACK "plate" to position your Logo. Bottom Right? Then do it. This makes sure you have the Logo in the nearest area for final adjustment.

    Delete or mute the BLACK PLATE layer, the black layer or as you WILL be needing to save to PNG ( or can you use the PS trannie layer in Vegas - dunno . .? ) to preserve the transparent ALPHA channel use the black as transparent.

    Save as say "Logo for 16x9.png" and import back in Vegas

    Put "Logo for 16x9.png" Logo on Top Track and use Pan/Crop to make your final adjusts.

    I just did this, again, took me about 90 seconds - done! Writing it here took me about 20 minutes!

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