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    Dear Videoforum members - This is my first post on this website.

    I come in search of assistance/advice for a camcorder/video camera that will be suitable for student life.
    Its purpose will be for movie creation and possible reviews.
    It must adhere to the following basics:

    Portable/ Durable

    Stable picture when mobile
    External Microphone
    100 - 200 Approx
    Playback quality that is suitable for home viewing on large modern day T.V.'s such as HD quality (720p or preferably 1080p)
    As sharp as possible quality both close and far away distances
    Rechargable batteries
    Easy transfer of content to laptop (Samgun q320)
    File type suitable for editing.

    I'm know it's possible to find a camera that covers the above categories as I've currently reviewed:

    Kodak Zi8

    Canon FS200

    A lot of footage will be based on a tripod but I would enjoy image stability when moving. Can anyone help me out - I know it'll be limited compared to more expensive models but please, that's just common sense.

    I eagerly await any advice, offers, and suggestions...

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    Still no replies? Come on!

    The requirements are only guidelines - Please reply with any suggestions...

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