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    Hey All,

    After years of photography, I have moved into doing more video with my Canon Vixia HF S100 - now I have a growing library of AVCHD files! Just built a rockin video editing system and trying to get things organized.

    Do you know of resources to read more about workflow after capturing the video?

    For example, do you keep the MTS files, do you convert these files to another format? Or, keep them in this format - I was using the Pixela software to transfer from camera so now I just have a folder of these files but want to organize but keep in a proper format as well. When using video editing software, do you edit this as is, importing the MTS file?

    I also have a Canon 7D DSLR, but these files are in a .MOV format.

    Any info, resources, answers, suggestions would be much appreciated. Look forward to becoming more apart of this community!

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    Hi Jay,
    From what I understand, the .MTS files are simply the raw data files for the camera to read and playback. To use these on a computer in any way, they need to be converted to any number of files (personal preference comes in here).

    I work in Final Cut Pro and rip the footage straight from my cam into FCP (specifying the hdd folder beforehand). I personally choose ProRes 422(LT) as it gives great quality but handles pretty well on my fairly limited 2.2ghz core 2 duo. Render times aren't too bad either.

    Hope this helps.
    What setup have you got and what nle app do you use?

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