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    Hello, I'm new to the forum and I thought someone on here may be able to help me out with some DVD menu issues I'm having concerning a friend's football "highlight reel". I make the occasional short film with friends and whatnot, and have a somewhat strong foundation in the area of DVD authoring, but I'm new to the ripping process. This friend of mine came to me with a pre-made DVD which contains a sub-menu chapter system organized by game and play title. He requested that I clean up some of the clips and maybe add some music, and then burn the files back to a DVD.

    After a quick look around on the internet I decided to download a program called Handbrake to rip the files off of the DVD; however, when I attempt to do this, I only get one of the chapters to encode and import to my HD. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmbfan1 View Post
    What am I doing wrong?Bret
    In short, what you are doing wrong is using the DVD as source material instead of (re) using the original source tapes.

    Someone editted the movie and made the DVD and now expect you to use that as your source to clean up the video and add music and stuff.

    If they are available then go back and recapture the footage from the original tapes and re-edit. If you use the clips from the DVD it will be like taking a photcopy of a photocopy. Do it a few times and things start to look really bad.

    Also, i hope you realise you will NOT be able to use the DVD menu information off the disk. You will have to completely rebuild the menu from scratch.

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