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    Default Photographic backdrops

    A quick abstract question about backgrounds, and certainly one for anyone thatís used a chromokey backdrop.

    I have a small production coming up where by weíll be doing the end credit sequence as if itís a photoshoot. Flash gun fires for freeze frame in edit. Anyway, no issues there, the problem I have is the photographic backdrops. And the cavernous creases there in!!

    No amount of ironing is really shifting them. Any suggestions?

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    If poss use shallow dof to arrange the back d to be out of focus.

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    Perhaps you could try having a low light, to brighten up the shadows in the creases. In edit, you could also do two key passes, one for the brightly lit folds of the screen, and one for the darker bits. Surprisingly, so long as the colours are far enough away from green in the foreground, this works surprisingly well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sspeiper View Post
    No amount of ironing is really shifting them. Any suggestions?
    Have you tried a steam iron.

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    Default steaming

    Oh yes, to the point I could have been in a sauna. Or a sweat shop!

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    garbage matt?

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    Care to exapnd on that Alan?

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