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Thread: How you can help with climate change (comedy)

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    Wink How you can help with climate change (comedy)

    I hate it when I can't sleep at night because I have the idea to a new video running around my head - which is what happened last night at about 2am (so I got up and wrote it down).

    So all of this was self-shot and edited this morning. It's a short information piece about some of the effects of climate change and what you can do to practically help.

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    Nice one - I lolled and I am normally dead miserable. Sounds a bit barry rogers to me in places - cillit bang ?

    Criticism... maybe just a tiny bit off the pace in the edit here and there. Lighting was nice.

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    Yeah I thought the frozen meat shot lingered for a little too long and also maybe the bicycle / tv section.

    But I'm glad you liked!

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    Nice one Matt, really shows the ridiculousness of the whole carbon foot print thing. I found it very funny. I loved the way you said "Just melted a polar bears home". I think I've said before you're very good in front of the camera.

    I didn't catch what you said at 46 secs. you seemed to whisper it. I've tried a few time but still couldn't get it.

    Good sketch though.

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    Watched again - now you sound a bit J Clarkson - careful now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I didn't catch what you said at 46 secs....
    'But wherever we go, we still leave a HUGE carbon footprint...apparently'

    Glad you like.
    I didn't intentionally go out to mock climate change, but thats what it ended up as I suppose. I just don't like the scaremongering that this government wants to shove down our throat regarding CC.

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    "APPARENTLY", thanks.

    I don't think it knocks climate change as such, BUT it does address how stupid people have gotten about it. I like the fact that it highlights how gullible some of us have become about this subject. You seem to be very good at spotting the obvious absurdities in life.

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    I think the pathetic response by the gov is a very suitable subject for mockery.

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    My usual comments apply re script filming and delivery. All excellent. From anyone else this would have been superb. For a quick film in the morning it was superb.

    But ... it didn't quite have the same focus as some of your other offerings. Can't quite put my finger on it but it didn't have the look/feel of:
    1. A documentary
    2. A public information film
    3. A rant
    It doesn't really fit into a (spoof/parody) category of anthing.

    There again, it fits well alongside the thing you did in your car, shot on your iPhone.

    Perhaps you've invented a new type of film. Yeah. So maybe that's a good thing.

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    It certainly made me smile!

    The comment about Mr Clarkson is very relevent as there was a large dose of him in there I thought.

    Well done.
    I have six honest, serving men. They taught me all I knew.
    Their names are What and Why and When. And How and Where and Who! (Rudyard Kipling)

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