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Thread: ?? Best Video Editing Laptops ??

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    Default ?? Best Video Editing Laptops ??

    Dear All, I edit mostly from desktop and now wish to add a laptop to my hardware. Price is not really an issue for me. Yes HD will be an option and yes my movies run over an hour. My question is what are the top line editing laptops. So far I have boiled it down to Mac Book Pro 17" with top specs (jan 2010) and AlienwareM17x with top specs (jan 2010)

    I agree the operating systems are different, but I still have not found my best desicion yet.

    I have got square eyes searching the net and my final desision was to join videoforums and ask here personally.

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    And no one said Macbook Pro?

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    I would recommend not having different operating systems between the desk top and the lap top in case of compatibility issues between them.

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    To JayX:
    No idea what you mean...yet, but thanks for input Jay.

    To Midnight Blue:
    Crap!! Very very very valid point.
    Not having different systems.
    My main system is windows.
    Which brings me to ask, does the Mac claim of running windows do me any good? Is it rock solid enough for say Adobe CS4?
    Thanks for your time.

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    Sorry buddy I've never used a Mac so I don't know about them.

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    Thanks Midnight.

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    If you're just going to edit on the laptop, then the Macbook with Final Cut has got to be the way to go but...

    If you want to swap files with your PC desktop and alternate editting between them then a PC laptop would make more sense.

    The best part of a Mac is the stability and reliability of the combination of harware, operating system and Mac-specific software. Once you run windows on it then you lose the advantages and just end up with an expensive PC laptop.

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    Dear Gaffer,

    You hit the nail on the head.
    I am slowly learning that the bottom line is as you say.
    So thanks for that insight.
    I will go with a monster windows laptop.
    So far AlienwareM17x seems to be the top of the food chain.
    Regards to you all.
    Case closed.

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