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Thread: Light on White

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    Default Light on White

    New improved version of this video on page two of this thread.

    I have done a really arty video called Light on White.

    As usual I have posted it here before I've done the final version to get the opinions of you guys. It is basically Snowy Garden re cut with chill out music.

    Edit* I uploaded a new version with a different codec to see if it was smoother.
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    Well, it's better than ELO (I think they're a bit of a "Marmite" band. 10538 Overture was a fine piece of music, but it all went a bit "pop" for me after that).

    It's difficult to be constructive as I find most of what I'm going to say more subjective than anything else. It simply boils down to what I liked and what I didn't like.

    Hard hat on? Then I'll begin.

    The first 1:15 bored me. We can all see stuff like that during our daily business - which is why I like the close-up/detail shots much better. We don't tend to take time out to look at the wonderful stuff nature creates - and I find videos like this serve that sort of purpose - to draw our attention to it.

    So, I think the opeining stuff is worthwhile to put everything in context, but I'd have preferred to keep it to 10-15 secs. Others, I'm sure, will disagree.

    From then on in I thought it was superb, really enjoyable.

    I wasn't sure about the "red" colouring at 2.58, but I liked the starburst immediately following. Similarly I liked the green lens flare which followed that - at least once the zoom started. I also enjoyed the fade from that zoom out into the following zoom out (sky shot).

    Needless to say I didn't enjoy the fade from that into the zooming in of the following shot. A bit sick inducing!

    So, for what it's worth, I really enjoyed (most of) this version.

    On a technical issue, I noticed on the slow pans and tilts a jerkiness, like the pan/tilt is being done in lits and lots of tiny steps rather than one smooth movement. IS this down to encoding (and if so at which stage?) or does it exist in the source? If the latter did you have stabilisation switched on?

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    Some very beautiful scenes and the music certainly fitted with the images. I was kind of put off a little right at the start with what seemed to be a small judder of the camera on the pan just before it faded out for the title.

    But on the whole, very good.

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    Thanks for taking the time to view my video Clay9, I've looked at the judder problem. It's not on the time line in Sony or the rendered mepg2 file when viewing with WMP. I looked at YouTube and it is there. It's even worse after the title. I hope it doesn't distract your viewing pleasure to much.

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    I'm glad that you liked "some" of the video. I know from your last words about my Snowy Garden movie you said that "scenery is best shot with a stills camera ". I agree that a stills camera can capture breath taking shots but It was my hope that the moving image would bring them to life. This type of work can easily become self indulgent crap. I hope I have not crossed that line. My intention was to create a slightly surreal space but still keep a scene of reality. In the hopes that it would get people to think about the every day world and take a new look at it. They would then see the beauty in something like a drip of water, this if they expand their minds this can lead to a whole new world to explore.

    Your observation at 2:58 is spot on, The red was was naff. I've already got rid of that. I just wanted something to put there to fit to the music. I've said before I'm not big on Special FX and apart from the tuning in at the beginning and changes in time the rest of the shots are pure. Especially no colour correction. I am still working on it so if you have any good ideas of what might look good at that point let me know. The last shot will also be taken out as I need room at the end for the credits. The music was done by a friend of mine, it's called Goa Dusk.

    As for the wobbly bit's well some of it is down to YouTube but some is down to me and my gear. You would have laughed if you saw the ridiculous position and set up I had the tripod when I was panning up the icicle even with a 4lb bean bag it was very wobbly.

    This reply is getting a bit long so I'll shut up now.

    One last thing, thanks for using the word superb in you critique.

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    Well for my money that was better than the first one and its subsequent re-edit. The music was a really good match and I happen to like your ultra slow pans. Fair enough, Youtube may have introduced a slight jerkiness but I bet they look good in the original.

    That pan on the iclicle is superb, but you eke it out too long and it looks like you have lost focus at the end of the pan. I think you should have cut it as soon as it lost its magical light quality. What I particuarly liked about it was that it starts with one finger then grows to three. It just made the shot better and better in my view.

    You certainly wring your money's worth out of your clips thats for sure.

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    You right about getting my moneys worth from each shot. lol The light was so beautiful I just wanted to share it all. lol

    I take you point about the cutting the shot before it goes to much out of focus I should have see that my self.

    Thanks for using the word superb thats twice in one thread. I don't think it will go to my head though, I'm to self critical.

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    this is far superior to your previous snowy garden video

    some nice focus pulls but perhaps one too many zoom in/outs form my liking.

    great video.

    ive done around three 10 minuet vids of recent "snowy" stuff for family and friends .... far easier to please

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    Thanks enc, The first Snowy Garden was for family and friends which is what most of my stuff is for. I did this one to see if I could stretch myself a little further and my own self indulgence.

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    I really liked this version, Midnight. It held my attention all the way through and some of the shots lingered in my mind afterward. Good stuff.

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