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    This is my first forum post, and I am a very basic beginner. I have a Macbook Pro with a few video editing software programs, but likely do not have what I will need to achieve this:

    I have seen a photograph with talking lips super-imposed over the mouth, where it looks like the photograph is talking.

    How can i do that? First of all, what software would I need, and second, with that software, what is the procedure?



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    You need editing software that you can layer 2 tracks one of the photo of the head and the other the video of the talking mouth. Put the photo timeline above the video timeline. You will need to cut a "mask" or hole in the the photo track with the masking tool so you can see the mouth, have some feathering around the hole so it's not a Sharp cut. Position the and size the mouth so it looks right.

    That is the basics of how to do it. I can not teach you the art of how to do it well.

    Good luck.

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    For PC users there's an application called Crazy Talk. There may be similar for the white brigade.

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    use c correction tools to match the skin-tones.

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