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Thread: My First Music Video

  1. Default My First Music Video

    So.....well initially, this was project "boredom while home alone" but as I started drawing to the end, I was quite proud of what it was turning out to be, especially since this is my first real video that I've filmed, edited, styled and planned. So criticize away, I know it has its errors, but I am openminded and would love a public comment.

    Name: Sobriety

    oh and since I was having so much fun all by myself in "The Making Of", I made a "Making Of" video with loads of bloopers & me falling on my face, humiliating, but the fact that I did all this and was basically talking to myself sort of already covers that so what the heck.

    "Making Of"

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    Wow Pepper, not the sort of video we see often on here, very sexy stuff. Tim Stannard will need a lay down after that one and Midnight will need to get his mum's permission to watch it.

    An unusual location choice with much of the action taking place in the smallest room in the house. It was a fun video and well put together. Singing was good to. Thanks for posting

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    Really cool video.

    It's always a bit difficult to critique this sort of project without sounding like a killjoy or condescending, neither of which are intended in this case, but here goes.

    As a just-for-fun video it was really well executed. Bearing in mind you did everything yourself, the results were superb. I'm not a fan of the "old film" look and found it didn't really fit in this video, in my opinion. Apart from that, the effects, time-warping and content all fitted and worked really well together.

    There are a few framing issues where your head bangs on the top of the frame and occasionally slips out of view (i know there was no camera operator and you had to guesstimate the framing and all credit to you for the result but it's something which maybe should be considered in the future) and there were a couple of exposure slips.

    Apart from that, well done. It's really difficult to do a completely solo project and see it through to the end, so go to the top of the class and pat yourself on the back!

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    well thanks for watching it, appreciate that loads and thanks for being honest.
    haha if you knew the reasons why the locations were where they'd probably laugh at me, the whole project has a rather awkward history, funny maybe but awkward definitely :P

    To the critics which I all agree with! Yea the old-time thing was in my opinion also not really fitting, especially after I decided to use the spotlight effect on most of the bathroom scenes so it was like modern age and 1920s clashing which was a bit much, at the end however (where I was loads smarter about editing than when I first starting putting those clips togehter) I was so annoyed at it because it took me so long that I didnt really have the nerv to proof check it.

    Yea my head does like to go skydiving....I'll consider that for my next one, I will definitely work on the things you pointed out, seeing as I agree.
    hahaha the exposure bit is exactly what my friend said when she watched it and I hadnt actually realized that until she pointed it out and then it was already on youtube so I thought to myself "what the heck, nobody will see" but I suppose since you saw it too work needs to be done on the next project.

    thank you for being honest, and for actually taking time to comment...both of you.
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    I agree with everything Gaffer said. May be in your next video you might think about using some extra lighting. I understand the stylised look in this video but I think it would have benefited with a little bit of a light on your face. I'm not a big fan of Special FX but see how they fitted in this case. BUT think about not using so many next time. Remember less is more.

    I think you did a good job considering you did everything on your own. Which only has one advantage, full creative control.

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    yea the lighting was a bit bleak...I've been thinking of buying an actual camcorder rather than using my camera to film it....quality would definitely improve, as would light sensitivity, but for that I need a job :P and I'm looking.

    I think the main thing I have to consider for my next vid is the theme I want it to outline, then it makes it easier to stick to one FX pattern rather than using just anything. Thank you for your advice, much appreciated.

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    Planning in advance can make life easier when editing. Especially if you plan shots with editing in mind.

    I'm looking forward to your next creative effort.

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    well I've already doen filming for my next one...btu that one wa with my sister and more for the laugh than for the editing, but yesterday I came accross a song that I have to make a video's a psycho-song :P can't resist that!

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    I've had my lie down and don't have anything to add to what's already been said.

    The only thing you are bringing to the table (not meant in a derogatory way at all) is the way you express things by using your face and your body. Therefore you owe it to yourself to make sure that these are shown to their best possible effect - which means getting the correct framing, exposure and lighting. As I said, I'm not adding anything, just emphasis.

    Now I'm just off to watch again and then have another lie down in a darkened room. Fortunately it's still freezing outside.

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    truth be told, as a female film phriek, though possible, I find most of my friends who are actually studying in this is harder to come across as anything else than expression through body, I didnt mean for it to come across like that at all, I wanted to create something more creepy, and seeing as I have sort of failed in that (which I agree to), I have to now make a new one with a more psycopathic song.

    I much appreciate the point of view though, always good to know.

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