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Thread: Giraffe Dance Music Video Critique

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    Default Giraffe Dance Music Video Critique

    Hi All,

    Here's a music video i just got done directing and editing:

    The original song is by a good friend.
    No budget.
    Borrowed gear (except the edit system)
    3 day shoot
    And some crazy, outgoing friends.

    I would love to hear some thoughts and feedback!


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    Hi thanks for posting.

    I am certainly not your target audience however I thought it was a very good job indeed. My only criticism is that the track goes on way too long and I had had enough at 2.45. Good variety of effects and tight editing kept it moving along.

    My wife asked me if it was a number by the Magic Numbers as I was listening to it.

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    Great vid. Packed with ideas. Well executed.
    If I have to give a minus for anything - I thought some of the shots of the giraffe were a bit "home movie".

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