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    Hello everyone. I have several years worth of digital pictures that i'd like to compile into a slideshow/montage. The only thing is, I need a software that can do this. I have thousands and thousands of pictures, so i'd like to be able to flash each one on the screen really quickly, like less than 0.5 seconds, but the programs i've tried can't do this.

    What is a good software that will do this for me? A slideshow/montage with each photo being on screen <0.5s? I have a moderately slow computer by today's standards, i hope i can handle such a task.

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    Most video editing software gives you the ability to choose the length of stills, some offer more control than others. Windows movie maker won't go down to 1 frame but i'm sure it goes down below .5sec.

    A program that has been specially made for this is Pro Show Gold, it takes your stills and compiles them to a DVD montage. It does apply zoom and pan effects, but I'm pretty sure these can be turned off, not sure what the minimum image duration might be though.
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    thank you for your help! I am trying ProShow trial and I like how simple and flexible it is.

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