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Thread: My bands video clip

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    Default My bands video clip

    Hey guys here's a video clip I made for my bands first single Robin Banks the concept is basically giant eyes chasing wheres Wally's around the city.. hope you enjoy! cheers.

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    I don't know if "The Goodies" ever made it to Oz and I suspect ypu're far too young to remember them anyway, but it certainly had that early seventies silliness about it. I quite liked the idea and found it entertaining enough. It had a very "home movie" feel to it - lots of hand held stuff - which worked OK, though I can't help feeling that steadier shots would have made is seem more zany.

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    I think you did a very good job of that, kept the energy high throughout. I bet you had a laugh making it as well.

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    Nice one fellars. Well done for not falling into the "look at all these jazzy transitions" trap.
    You did a good job can't see how it could be improved for what it is.

    Nice to see people are still playing semi accustics. Nice sound.

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