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Thread: Twin Microphones for interviews ?

  1. Default Twin Microphones for interviews ?

    OK, i dont know if this comes under one question or more, but if anyone can give any tips / advice that would be great

    OK, filming motorsport events, we have a need to do a couple of interviews, up to now we have just used a normal hand held Microphone, nothing expensive, and its been working fine for the limited amount of use it gets

    But what i wanted to do now instead of moving the microphone backwards and forwards, i wanted the Interviewer to have a tie clip mic, and then have a hand held one to put towards the subject, and record the same volume from both

    Now all that would be a lot simpler with a better camera, but this is just a Sony VX2100, with a single Mic Input in the form of a 3.5 Jack

    So my questions are........

    Am i floging a dead horse ?

    If i was to use a simple splitter, how much difference in sound would there be in a clip mic and a normal one, or what numbers would i have to look out for to try and match the sound ( if thats something i could do )

    I have seen a small tie clip radio mic that would suit my needs, but i need to know if i can just simply split the audio to use both mics - obviously having one input means i cant alter them in post production realy

    Any help would be great, i really dont have much idea with audio


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    Just to get you started, you can get an audio splitter box and plug the two mics into that and then into your camera or better another recording device. I have no experience at all with these so I can't advise any more that to google "audio splitter box"

    Good luck.

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    Do a lot of people use a seperate audio recorder ? its somthing i did think about, but again, its in an area i have no idea about, wouldnt know what to use really

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    Cheers for that

    The extra noise from the tie clip was something i hadnt thought about - the events are not always that loud, but there are occasions we interview them in the car still, which would make a mess of it as you say

    I will have a look into the other options you mentioned and see if they would work for what we need

    Thanks again

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