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    I have been trying to research a suitable camcorder to attach to my sailing boat to make a video of my sailing trips. The boat is a 40 foot cat and can be very wet hence the need for a camcorder that is waterproof. I travel with a laptop and can recharge batteries, I would expect the camera to be able to be mounted and recording whilst we perform various manoeuveres etc.

    As I'm sure is apparent I have no past knowledge of camcorders and I am hoping that some kind souls can direct me to information to assist in buying the right kit.



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    You'll severly limit yourself by looking for a waterproof camera (if one even existed). What you need is a way of waterproofing a camera. I can't recommend a particular product, but I suggest that you google "Camcorder housing" to return a host of information. The product you want will enclose the camera to provide a waterproof camera.

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