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Thread: Musicvideo: Selectamood - Floating Notes Of Fantasy

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    Default Musicvideo: Selectamood - Floating Notes Of Fantasy

    Hey guys,
    me and my friends videodebut. Its a musicvideo for the band Selectamood:

    please critisize it

    So long,Sean

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    Hello Sean, welcome to the forum. Having watched your video my feedback would be that its too repetitive. Your using the same front on shot of the talent and using effects to tell the story. Its interesting for a few seconds but then gets boring I am afraid. I am not trying to be harsh, just giving my impression. You have come to the right place for honest feedback though.

    All the best for the future productions.
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    I have to disagree with you Shrimpy. I liked it. I like the simplicity, I thought it suited the music. BUT it's a good job it was only 2 mins long.

    Well done guys a very good first effort.

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    For a first effort we thought it was very accomplished & very effective.
    As a visual interpretation of the song it worked really well.
    The only criticism we would add is that for such a floaty/chilled piece of music some of the cuts /transitions were too jerky & this let it down in our opinion.
    They should have been smoother.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    The repetitiveness of the same face undulating and half-smiling got to me after about a minute; I didn't finish watching the video. Aside from that, from what little I know about post-production, this seems well-edited.

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    Totally revised comments: I was watching preveously whilst my PC was under duress and my previous comments were based on a soundtrack which jumped all over the place. Apologies to anyone wjho read my undeited post.

    I tend to side with MB on this one, though I suppose it depends on how you view the video. As an accompaniment to the music I think it wants to be simple. A busier and/or more varied video would simply detract from the music and send out mixed messages.

    I'd go further and say that I thought there was TOO MUCH going on. In particular I didn't like the superimposition of one shot of the girl over another. The look of the girl, her make up, her expression, the smokey images, and most importantly the lighting created enough interest for me. Some of the additional stuff was in danger of making it messy.
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    Lovely arty moody stuff - but for this less may be more. Very nicely done.

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