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Thread: Passing ipods from one screen to another

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    Default Passing ipods from one screen to another

    Hey, guys, im making a video for a committee i'm in, involving youth empowerment
    What we want to do it take something like an ipod, and throw it out of the screen, then the next person catches it, and passes it on

    You guys got any creative ideas that we can throw in?

    For one part, i have one person throwing an ipod to their right, then the next person catches it, and drops it, then theres a person under them that catches it, and we continue with the chain

    (kinda of like those commercials where you have people throwing stuff around, like soccer balls, from one country to another, but it looks like its a direct pass type of thing)

    and if you guys have any videos/links that involve the concept we're doing, i would love to take a look

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    wow, 233 views, and no replies?

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    I guess nobody knows. I know I don't

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    It's also quite hard to visualise what you actually want. Maybe you could post a storyboard so that we get an idea of what you're trying to do.

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    K, so imagine looking at a tv, and you see me throw an ipod to the right,
    now imagine the very next scene you see someone standing in africa,
    the ipod flies into their screen and they catch it
    (effectively making it look like i threw it to them)

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    if its how im thinking wouldnt you ....

    1/ film someone tossing the ipod to the side ...someone out of shot catches the ipod
    2/ someone (out of shot) tosses the ipod to the person on screen who catches it
    3/ edit the two scenes together


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    AND if you throw off screen to the left, make sure the next scene is the ipod coming in from the right and vis versa.

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    Oh, i already know how i'm going to do it, i was just wondering if you guys had any creative ideas that i could do....
    For one scene, i have a person droppin it, then the next person catching it as it falls

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    now that everyone has figured out what im trying to get at, i thought i would get some ideas! So many creative members, and no replies ?

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    Ok here is a couple of ideas off the top of my head. Put it in a jar and float it off out to sea, then it gets washed up on the shore of an other country.

    Put is in an ice box and the next shot is covered in ice in someones drink.

    Drop it down a hole in England and it lands on an Australians head.

    No charge for the first few ideas.

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