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Thread: Magic cup - my first movie ever :)

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    Default Magic cup - my first movie ever :)


    Now im finished with my first movie ever i made it in sony vegas

    I would like to get some useful criticism.

    Thanks in advance!

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    That's a fine first attempt. You've scored big points for not making it any longer than it needs to be.

    I like simple titles - white on black is always good, and a bit of movement there also (was that using 3D track motion or one of your New Blue FX? If the latter, see if you can work out how to do it with Track Motion (it's a pretty tough cookie to crack - but look at the interactive tutorials, help file, manual and on YouTube for explanations).

    You could do with a brighter image - the cup was really too dark.

    I'm guessing you made the cup disappear by a simple cross-fade - overlapping one clip over another. You can add some pizzaz to the disappearence by dropping a transition onto the crossfade. Spend a bit of time playing with different transitions to see the effect of each. For starters try the "flash" transition, this will make the image go white and then as it fades down again the cup will have disappeared.

    You could also add a sound effect to coincide with the transition.

    For future consideration, you could add a second video track with some smoke footage (ideally with transparent background) and superimpose that over the "after" image to giive the impression the cup has gone up in smoke.

    Or instead of smoke, use stars or butterflies, or little cups or .......

    But for starters just play with some transitions and become expert in those.

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    Well done Simon, It took me at least a year before I could do that trick. Like Tim said the image could have been lite better. Try not to use the transitions that look really groovy, like the one you did at the end, they just mark you out as an amateur. Try and use straight cuts or fades when you do your next movie.

    On the music side of the video unless the result you are looking for is a sudden stop, either fade the music out or use a natural stop in the music.

    You didn't make some of the mistakes that I made in my first movie, like shaky camera work etc., so you obviously have some sort of a flare for this video game.

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    Some good advice there from Tim (as usual).
    I'd add that a little more thought on the backing music wouldn't go amiss. It ended rather abruptly. Something that fits or could be faded out would be better.
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    Thanks everyone! =)

    The reason of why the cup is so dark is becouse i recorded it very late yesterday, i will re-record (is that a word? hehe) it today =)

    Yes i was using New Blue.
    Okay i will try to make some smoke or something in the future =)
    Im gonna try to work as much as i can with transitions =)

    Midnight Blue:
    Okay i did a simple fade out at the end instead like you said =) and i fade the music out at the end too.

    I did a simple fade out at end now =)

    I'm working on another version of the magic cup now =) and i have done this so far:
    Fade in the music at the beginning.
    Fade out the music at the end.
    Added a flash thing when the cup disapear.
    Fade out the video at the end instead of a box explode thing.

    Where can i get sound fx for the cup transition?

    I have remade my video and did some changes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simonh View Post
    Thanks everyone! =)
    Where can i get sound fx for the cup transition?
    Loads of sites offer a few sound FX for free as a taster of their audio CDs. But freesound :: home page is a great resource for ... erm ... free sounds.

    Quote Originally Posted by Simonh View Post
    I have remade my video and did some changes
    Well, I think it's better. What do you think?

    Whilst this works quite well, I think for the "flash" transition, I'd be inclined to make the two clips overlap for a very short period to make it more of a "flash". This is not to say what you've done is wrong - it's just a metter of perference (and a way of getting you to experiment with different lengths of transition).

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