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    Default Capture Video m2t file size

    Just wondering what the rhyme and reason is for the m2t file sizes. I recorded a 3 hour concert and capturing in Vegas pro 9, each hour tape made three m2t files with completely different size files. Then I did a test recording (new Rode stereo vidmic) for two minutes and that made 7 m2t files. There was no stopping and starting during all this. Just the change of tapes at the concert. Thanks for your time. Rick

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    You get clips when the capture software sees a difference in the recording time.
    This will happen if you stop and then start the tape.
    This can also happen if there is dropout on the tape, I suspect that this the cause of your problem.
    Check your heads are clean and the tape is good.
    If that all seems well then turn of the auto clip function in the capture program to get countionous clips.

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    It's recommended to increase the RAM used for capture from 25% to 80% in capture prefs.

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    It's possible you're dropping frames (thereby giving seperate clips) as you capture - hence Archies suggestion?

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    Just to expand a bit: I was getting odd little drop outs on capture - source material perfect. No dropped frames reported. Also noticed that even when turning scene detection off in prefs, Vegas was still splitting. And sometimes in the middle of a scene. A search on the Sony forums threw up a thread that solved it for me as above. Just drag the slider to the right up to 80%.

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