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Thread: Sony HDR- FX1 or Canon 7D?

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    Default Sony HDR- FX1 or Canon 7D?


    Sorry to start a new thread for this. Im not sure if i've posted it in the right place!?

    I have currently been using a sony HDR-FX1 for filming and have been quite happy with the results. I have a Letus35 flip which is the version before the letus35 extreme. I havent really been too happy with the look of it as its quite grainy and no good at all in low light.

    However, i have been looking at getting a Canon 7D instead and was just wondering if anyone has had experience of the either of these cameras. I have found a few drawbacks with the 7D the most off putting is the use of rolling shutter... with fast pans the picture goes very wobbly.

    any info or advise would be of much appreciated.

    here is a clip of what im getting from my FX1 at the moment... (without the letus)


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    You've summed it up really. 35mm attachments for camcorders result in two (or more) stops light loss and the current generation of full-frame stills camera with the ability to record video tend to suffer from "wobble" if they're moved quickly.

    Like everything in video-making you need to have the right tool for the job.

    If you're working in well lit areas with lots of camera movements then a camcorder with a 35mm adapter would be the way to go. If you're working without quick camera pans or in low light then a Canon or Nikon SLR is the weapon of choice.

    If you're doing quick reaction shots in the dark... you're stuffed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Gaffer View Post
    If you're doing quick reaction shots in the dark... you're stuffed!
    But you're probably having too much fun to bother about such mundane things as filming

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    Well... I own both the 7d and a vx 2000.

    The video quality is really stoning, but after 1 month using it i start to think if it really pays off... I mean, if you are like me, used to film with a real video camera, using zooms and needing auto focus some times ( i do skate videos, and ive see you do bike, so we are pretty much looking for the same things), then its really not confortable at all to film with a DSRL.
    You have to rethink the whole thing...

    im really thinking now about selling both cameras and getting the hdr fx ... but still cant figure out my mind :S

    i hope this helps a bit

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