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Thread: Video disappearing in Vegas Pro 8.0

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    Exclamation Video disappearing in Vegas Pro 8.0

    I make anime music videos. I've had Vegas 8 for a few days now, and every time I'm less than 10 seconds into editing a video, the picture will go black and I can't get it back. I have lost every project I've tried so far in this manner. It seems normal in the timeline, and continues to accept effect adding and moving of the clip itself. It just doesn't show up at all in the preview. Can anyone help me??????

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    You need to do some work here . . yeah? By stating :

    1] What are Specs for your PC?

    2] What is the format of the media?

    3] What are your project setup settings?

    4] How much RAM Preview build have/had you set aside in Vegas? (Look under Preferences)

    5] A Screen grab of your workspace, incuding the Trimmer?

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