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Thread: Rtx100 no monitor out

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    Unhappy Rtx100 no monitor out

    Hi can anybody help me im sure other people have had the same problem, which is i have lost my monitor out!!! it was their for quite a while now its gone and im so lonely with out it.......joking aside i have a Matrox RTX100 extreme and a while ago now the pc it was built in developed a fault so i had to do a complete re-install, every thing went back in the right order and it worked fine apart from the y/c & comp out on the breakout box. The only thing that was different about the install was originally i think i was running XP sp1 and now it's sp3 i have tried enabling THE WYSIWYG directshow control panel as you are meant to do and.........nothing happens! its probably something very simple so any help would be much appreciated thanks again Stu

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    I don't know if this helps BUT they mention something about the order of installation


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    Hi thanks for a quick response Yes i installed xp first then graphic card driver then sound then prem then matrox think thats the right order.

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