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Thread: Flip Video Files and conversion

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    Default Flip Video Files and conversion

    Hi all

    First I'll list what I'm running, then my problem.

    2GHZ Acer AS7540G, 4Gig RAM, Windows 7, Premiere Pro v7.0, Flip Ultra HD, AVS Video Converter 6 & Nero Vision.

    I have 2 problems, the first is that PP7 doesn't find my DVD Drive. From what I have read this is not unknown but I haven't found a solution.

    The second is not so much a problem more wanting advice.

    What is the best way to import the Flip MP4 files into PP7?
    What is the best way to export the finished movie?

    Specific settings would be appreciated as I am new to PP7, I was given it by someone who never used it.

    I have tried various things like converting to .mov or .avi with AVS sometimes they load into PP7 sometimes not. I have had everything from 7 to 27 hrs for compile time. I have tried some short, 15 minute, projects and burned them to DVD using Nero Vision. At the moment I am just bumbling about and hoping for the best, and getting the worst

    My main project will be about 60-90 minutes all filmed on the Flip, with, probably, over 50 clips. If it's best to burn as smaller, say 10-15 min, projects then so be it.

    Thank you all in advance for any help you can offer.


    (This has been posted elsewhere but this forum seems to have a membership with a wider knowledge base)

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    Does your OS recognise the DVD drive ?

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    Yes, I have burnt DVDs and installed software using it.


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    Sorry I can't help then. I was going to suggest reinstalling the DVD drive but as your system sees it but not the PP7, I have no experience with it.

    Sorry I can't help.

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    Thanks anyway MB, I can do without the DVD as long as my other question is answered.


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    If you're running the flip that encodes in H264 then editing will not be pleasant as H264 is really a final output format. Some software has better support than others.

    premiere ver 7 (as in after premiere 6) was re named premiere pro 1 then 1.5, 2.0, CSx, etc, so I'm not sure which version you have and the earlier versions had no real H264 capabilities.

    Premiere Pro CS3 will edit H264 but it's a pretty uncomfortable experience.

    Was there any format conversion/editing software with the cam?
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