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Thread: AVID Media Composer 2.5.3

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    Default AVID Media Composer 2.5.3

    Is this package any good? Any help would be greatly apreciated!

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    It's what a lot of pros use. So I would have thought so. I haven't used it though. If you look at the price, people wouldn't buy it at that price if it wasn't ok.

    Choosing software is a bit like choosing a partner. What suite one person does not always suite another. So If you can I would try it out and some others before you part with your money. 2,000 is a lot of money by the way version 4 is out now.

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    Cheers for that, the reason i'm asking is because I can, hopefully, get a free copy! So its not really about the money - but I'm just wondering if anybody would actually pay for it... if you get what I mean

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    Yes, I know what you mean, It's well out of my price range but like I said a lot of pros use Avid, I think they were the first to make a NLE program. I've never used it or know anyone who has it but I don't know any pros personally.

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    cool, thanks.

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