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Thread: no sub-forum for final cut pro?

  1. Default no sub-forum for final cut pro?

    I've noticed that Vegas has its own sub-forum, I thought final cut pro was the mac's counterpart to what Vegas is for Windows. There must be more people using fcp, right?

    I ask, because I had a few questions about my workflow using fcp, mpegstreamclip, and handling the files with compression and all that stuff.

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    Actualy Vegas doesn't have its own section. If you read carefully you'll see it was set up for Vegas and Ulead Media Studio - indeed anything which falls into the "Premiere Alternative" (presumably Avid and Pinnacle don't count!). It's just that this Digital Director seems to have attracted a fairly large number of Vegas users and so that's reflected in the posts.

    Quite often people suggest a sub-forum for, let's say iMovie & Final Cut, but then they seem to be happy just to use the "General software problems". This may be because Mac users like to think that Mac software is SO user friendly and has SO few problems it doesn't there aren't enough problems to make its own section worthwhile.

    I'm sure if there's demand, the admin will be happy to set up a Mac forum. Why don't you set the ball rolling by creating a VOTE thread aslink if people would want to see an FCP/Mac forum?

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