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    I have some AVCHD and TOD files (from JVC HD3) which i want to edit but my system is not fast enough. i have heard on this forum that i can convert this files into something else to then edit using vegas although i dont know what the program is called to convert.

    Also once converted and edited on vegas i want to burn onto a DVD, will i lose quality if i converted it ?

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    To answer your second question first Yes you will loose quality as you are moving from a HD format to an SD format. I can't answer your first question I don't know of any good converters.

    Hopefully somebody else will.

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    I use vegas to edit AVCHD files and find proxy_stream.dll excellent.

    (it's free google it or download it here Document sans nom)

    It's a batch convert tool which creates an editable version (you can select the format) of your .m2ts files which are added to your media library.

    what's even better is that you can also use it to switch back to the original HD files. So I edit using the .avi's generated by proxy stream and then switch back to the HD files just prior to rendering. Means you can produce edited HD on a rubbish PC!

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