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Thread: Camcorder Sony CCD-TRV15E to camcorder Sony DCR-HC40E

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    Default Camcorder Sony CCD-TRV15E to camcorder Sony DCR-HC40E


    i want to transfer analogue footage from my old camcorder to my new digital. what cable do i need to connect them together ?

    the accerories book has several cables which look exactly the same


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    If I remember correctly the AV out sockets on the TRV15 are standard Yellow and Black (for mono audio)

    If I am right, then use the AV to 3.5mm mini jack that came with your HC40. Connect the yellow AV to the Yellow on the TRV15 and the Red AV to the Black on the TRV15. Connect the mini jack to the HC40.

    Set both cameras to play/vcr mode. Press play on the TRV15 and record on the HC40 (Double check your manual for the specific instruction on how to record on the HC40).

    Good luck

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    Default connecting a Sony Handcam CCD-TRV15E to a pc

    Hi I am new to this, I was just wondering if anyone new how to connect / what cable/s do i need to connect my OLD Sony Handycam Vision CCD-TRV15E to the pc so i can put the movies i have onto dvd. I would like to now if is possible to connect to a pc before doing any videoing as its a bit old world saving them ont video.

    many thanks

    Eagerly awaiting any replies


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