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Thread: Is there a way to make the video track expand automatically?

  1. Default Is there a way to make the video track expand automatically?

    Sorry if I didn't word it right, but you know how you use the up or down arrows to expand or shrink the video track? Every time I start Vegas, the track is far smaller than I want and I have to expand it. It'd be convenient if I could set it to a certain point and have the program automatically set it to that point upon startup.

    Is that possible?

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    Do you mean the track height?
    If so, set a track to the desired height, right-click on the track header (the area to the left of the track) and select "Set Default Track Properties". Ensure "height" is selected, click OK and your good to go. All new tracks (of that type - ie video or audio) will open with those defaults, in new projects as well.
    If you mean length - then the track automatically expands to fit the clips you add.

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