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    Default Any suggestions?

    I recently purchased a sony v1 and would like to know what editing software would be best suited. I have used avid previously ( I couldnt say what version though) and found it suited me fine. I have been offered a copy of Avid Media Composer 2.5.3 and would like to gather feedback on whether folk think this is good enough. If its not, then do you have any suggestions on what would be??
    Cheers all

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    You could try trakAxPC Pro - | Home - PC/Mobile Mixing Software & Royalty-Free Music. - costs around $25. Easy to use with a nice interface. Good features with direct upload to YouTube (HD supported) etc. Free 30 day trial available.

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    First poster following a second poster. I wonder why I was expecting an advert for some software I've not come across before! Sigh!

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    It was merely a suggestion. Maybe I am wrong, but just because you have not come across the software before does not mean it is not worth the inclusion. I hope that my suggestion may be useful to TheLadyReed. Otherwise the following site useful in helping with the decision: Editing

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    Either state your link to the software or be exposed as a spammer. Your email address is part of the domain. Which just so happens to be the website / product you're promoting.

    I really don't mind you promoting your website. But please don't spam.

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    Thanks guys, does anybody know whether the avid suite I mentioned would be any good or not though?

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    sure no worries - sorry for any misunderstanding.

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