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Thread: can't see downloaded .avi's in vegas

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    Default can't see downloaded .avi's in vegas

    Hey guys,

    I wanna make fanmade movies as well. However, the files I downloaded don't show up in vegas.
    All I get is sound. I just see a black square where the preview is supposed to be. How do I get downloaded files to work in vegas?
    Do they require a special codec or something? The files can't be played in windows media player either, I need VLC to play them.

    Sorry for the noob question, but I'd really like some help. Thanks.

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    Try re-rendering them with a different codec, one that you know you can use. Or find out what codec created the file by using Gspot (Google it) and download the codec you need to run the file properly.
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    I needed to download the XviD codecs, found out what codecs it was with that program. Thanks a lot man.

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