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    Question Help me please

    Hi Folks, My first post Iam up in snowbound Siber... sorry that should be snowbound Sunderland Tyne and Wear UK.
    I have a problem creating DVDs with an introduction -- 'Menu' - is it called?
    1. I am using DVD+R for 'Sharing'
    2. I click on Create Disc>check DVD>I am now in the DVD burn arena...
    3. I would like to create a nice introduction to a wedding movie so I check the Creat menu box and proceed, but along the way up my steep learning curve I check the box that says...
    Use first clip as introductory video BUT, this greys out the 'Next' button so I uncheck this because I want to create a nice intro to my project. Q: why does this grey out the next button??
    OK, I am back on track...
    4. I click 'Next'> and find myself in the Gallery I then decide that the black img with the two roses would look nice so I select a the Text img known as 05vs_Text23_W from the Text Menus.
    5. I commence editing and get a nice looking graphic as can be seen on Untitled Document
    6. I then click on Preview icon and go off to the preview screen and I notice that the Pre-render box is ticked - should it be? [see third img on]
    7. By now I am wondering is there a tutorial for this tweeking of the edit facility -- to continue...
    8. I then pres the Play button in the pre-view step and here is where I get LOST (:
    the edit just goes round and round in circles going nowhere. I have tried messing with the...
    various numbers and other item, I have hit the 'Enter' arrow I get nowhere!!
    9. As I compose this I am burning yet another DVD+R [getting expensive!] burning it just to seen if I am getting nothing but the menu going round and round and round again OR...
    will I see the opening gambit complete with my selected transitions upon opening and mving into th body of the movie??? Time will tell
    I will wait the result before I post this on the forum.
    THE RESULT of my burn 1.4GB of DATA -- REPETITIVE INTROS Which fade in OK but keep playin round in circles.
    Can you pull me out of this whirlpool or quagmire that I am in? -- My only goal is to record the wedding preceded by a nice intro piece.
    Footnote: the body of the movie, on its own, records perfectly and plays back perfectly

    Also I have checked/read the Help F1 but it doesn't help me much

    cfm Lost in space

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    Which programme are you using?

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    Looks like he's using Corel Video Studio Pro X2 if you look at his links. I've never used it so I can't help him.

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    Corel VideoStudio Pro X2

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    Sorry, but I've no knowledge of that one.

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