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Thread: DVD Architect - Default start button??

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    Question DVD Architect - Default start button??

    Hello all!
    I'm so glad to have found this forum... and I hope you guys can help.

    I am trying to make a DVD with the default start page that features 4 buttons. Two of those buttons are direct links to media. The other two buttons are linked to submenus that then have direct media links/buttons.

    Everything is fine except for the fact that I cannot get a default starting point on the submenus. In other words, when the DVD begins, the first button on the first/main page is automatically selected/highlighted and you can navigate from there. When you select either button that takes you to a submenu, nothing is selected. The color sets and highlights are set up correctly, and I have played with the navigation but no luck. Changing the start point (though the way I understand it that has to do with the initial start up from when the DVD starts up) did not help either. Whatever I do, I cannot get any link in the submenus to highlight. Help?

    I've included 3 screen shots. The first of which is an overall so you can see how I have the pages set up (in case I've screwed up majorly).

    The second and third links show the Action and Navigation menu so you can see how it's set up (hopefully to quell any initial questions).

    Please ask for whatever information you need, I appreciate it! Thanks

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    on the left of DVD-A screen there is the tree structure with the main menu on it.
    under the main menu there are the sub menus you have added.

    To get the correct menu highlighted first drag it to the top of the main menu and drop and then should be itthe first one highlighted when the DVD starts, drag the others to set their order or use the icons on the top left of the menu screen and pick the one that looks like a (well manhood) and then you will see a menu light up with roots, that you can drag about to decide where the nest button should be selected if the arrow kesy on the DVD remote are used.

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    I'm sorry and perhaps I'm missing something, but it sounds like you're just directing me to rearrange the page order, or the links within the pages. If you look at the diagrams in the OP, you will see the 3 pages, with the first set as the 'start page' (where the other two are is irrelevant as you're directed to them via links). The objects/buttons within those submenus are in the order that I would like them (though, also really irrelevant, there is no correct order, just random material) but the problem is, the first one does not automatically highlight.

    To me, it appears that the second and third pages (the submenus) are arranged exactly as the first (start) page. On that first page, the first link/button is automatically highlighted and you can navigate from there, but with the other two pages, there is no automatic highlighting. I have the highlighting, color sets and navigation directions set up exactly as the first page, but I'm receiving a different result on submenus --this is where I'm completely lost.

    Again, sorry if I've misread something. And I'm not quiet sure what 'manhood' button you're referring to on the menu. I have a toggle display (for the end actions/links/etc), the disc start set up, the insert and the delete buttons.

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    OK sorry , I thought you wanted to change the first menu to highlight when a DVD is inserted.

    Are you saying you cannot get to the 2 sub menus?
    if so look at the ACTION > DESTINATION and make sure it is has the sub menu as the item to go to.

    If not you can copy and then paste the attributes to the other menu items so they look / behave the same, you have a choice when you paste.

    If i am still wrong then , write some more and I will have another go...

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    I'm sorry, I must be explaining this poorly... I was hoping the pictures would help :(

    I can get to the submenu. It's that once you've navigated there, you just have the screen and can see the different buttons, but can't navigate within them, because there is no button highlighted initially.

    Normally, you see a screen and the first button is highlighted, you can then use the arrows to proceed to which selection/button you would like and that is how my first page works. However, if I enter into the submenu, nothing is highlighted; I just have my screen and my buttons, no underlining (which is the highlight option I have selected).

    That make sense?

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