Hello all!
I'm so glad to have found this forum... and I hope you guys can help.

I am trying to make a DVD with the default start page that features 4 buttons. Two of those buttons are direct links to media. The other two buttons are linked to submenus that then have direct media links/buttons.

Everything is fine except for the fact that I cannot get a default starting point on the submenus. In other words, when the DVD begins, the first button on the first/main page is automatically selected/highlighted and you can navigate from there. When you select either button that takes you to a submenu, nothing is selected. The color sets and highlights are set up correctly, and I have played with the navigation but no luck. Changing the start point (though the way I understand it that has to do with the initial start up from when the DVD starts up after being inserted into a player) did not help either. Whatever I do, I cannot get any link in the submenus to highlight. Help?

I've included 3 screen shots. The first of which is an overall so you can see how I have the pages set up (in case I've screwed up majorly).

The second and third links show the Action and Navigation menu so you can see how it's set up (hopefully to quell any initial questions).

Please ask for whatever information you need, I appreciate it! Thanks