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Thread: problems capturing - don't know source

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    Default problems capturing - don't know source


    I'm having problems capturing from my HDV camcorder.

    Not sure how to describe, but capturing at DV level, lots of squares appear and flash over the image, even when the picture is paused. (Not happening on the camcorder view.)

    Although I thought my new laptop would be able to cope with HDV, it is dropping so many frames I can only downgrade so that the HDV captured comes down as DV. Am using an ieee 1394 i.Link cable for this.

    However, still having problems with DV.

    Laptop is a Dell Studio 1555, with dual core processor T4200 (2GHz, 800Mhz, 1MB), 4GB (2x2GB dual rank dIMMS) 800Mhz, Vista 62 bit, 320GB HD, 4096 MB Mem and HD screen with true life and ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 graphics card.

    Apart from basic set up stuff and trying two different editing software that I'm capturing into - Corel and Powerdirector, there are no other programs on there taking up space, and this is the first of some short clips I'm trying to edit. So, loads of free space at the moment. (2 editing programs at present just to see if it worked better on one, but both same.)

    I've restarted, disconnected and reconnected cables (in order advised by camcorder), freed up disk space and still they appear. No need to defragment.

    The video clips that come as samples with the system run perfectly fine, no squares.

    Have tried to capture as mpeg and also as AVI - same squares flashing.

    Have also used an older pc with lower specs on everything and no flashing squares appear over image. So what's the problem with capturing on my laptop?

    Could be the new ieee 1394 i-Link cable that I needed for laptop or the laptop I-Link port? How can I test? The older machine needed an older firewire port and hence different cable used.

    Don't know where to start on this.

    Any advice?

    And thanks for reading this far!

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    Do you know the speed of your hard disk, this can be an issue when capturing. I'm not a hardware expert but something like 7200 rpm would be the minimum speed needed, which I believe your laptop has. However this is the minimum speed.

    On the software side of things. Make sure you don't have things running in the background like anti virus, firewall, etc. AND I would recommend a defrag whether you need it or not.

    If this problem does not clear up I would recommend using a desktop for the capturing and then transfer the file onto your laptop. Even then a dual core is not ideal for editing HD video. BUT there are ways around that problem.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for your response Midnight Blue.

    Can't defragment - had already run the defragment anyway and it says no need, so can't (not able to override in Vista). But as new, doubt that's a problem.

    Weirdly, last night I managed to capture some footage using Windows moviemaker import on the laptop without any squares appearing, then move it over to the editing program.

    However, tried today and squares appearing again. Different tape.

    Have tried disconnecting and reconnecting cables in case of static build up.

    Would really like to sort this out on laptop as it was bought for this purpose and is far higher spec that old pc (borrowed).

    By the way, what's wrong with dual-core? From viewing various online info, I understood it was needed for editing. May not be top of the range, but is far higher spec than old pc which I edited on before.


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    The flavor on this forum is to have a quade core for HD editing. I don't have one so I can't say what the difference is. Dual core is good for SD editing.

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    Ah! Will look for that if I can upgrade. Whilst you're with me...what other main min spec should I look for for editing HD? This is not for professional level, just some short films (and I want to spend as little as possible to acheive the job!).

    Am currently only trying to capture in SD though.

    Have tried turning everything off and reconnecting again and now some parts of the footage is coming up with the flashing squares and some not. Any ideas what is causing that?

    Will hopefully be able to salvage enough for this time, but info/advice on what I should try to upgrade to would be appreciated.

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    Here's a shot in the dark. Could there be some sort of external interference, like magnetic field from TV or something like that. The only other thing could be a fault cable or socket. I wish I could help more but I'm at th limits of my knowledge.

    I hope some else has some better ideas.

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