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Thread: JVC GRDX25 Problems Please Help Newbie

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    Default JVC GRDX25 Problems Please Help Newbie

    I've had this Camera for just under a year now, and still only managed to cature 1 of my DV tapes!! And the quality was damn poor to say the least. I gather that is due to USB capturing.???
    I have read several threads on this very helpful forum but I also have another problem.
    You get Imagemixer 1.1 free but that only allows burning to VCD, ok, so I use another authoring software to create DVD then burn with Nero. That worked for me after months of fiddling around.
    I found Windows Movie Maker came to a freeze as soon as the capture wizard selected my camera, and it does the same on my brand new laptop, it also would only let me capture at a low res, the selection for AVI/DV capture was greyed over!!!(why?).
    I also have DVD Creator ("intervideo" I think?)that came with my DVD Burner, it looks like it would be very good to do the whole capture and author job lot, but that will not capture from my DV Camera. Incidentally that was the software I used to author my one and only DVD!
    I have just tried doing the same today, capture with Imagemixer, but that gets to the first window and the program just closes! So i'm back to square 1.
    The poxy camera only comes with USB cable, I have just realised that my laptop has a 4 pin firewire port, will that be ok? My PC is limited as all my spare PCI slots are now full, so can't put in a firewire card, suppose I could ditch the modem as i'm now broadband.
    I have purchased on ebay a 4pin 4pin firewire cable to hopefully try and link to my laptop. Problem is laptop is only 40gb HD, I put in a 120gb into my pc for the specific use of movie capturing and editing.
    Any ideas, as to why MS Movie Maker Freezes on both machines when it detects DV Camera. Why Imagemixer just closes itself? (I did re-install it today no different tho)

    I'm beginning to reach for the S-Video Connector to put it on to VHS arrrghhhh!!!!! I'm not happy about that, thats why I bought a DV camera!
    I really don't want to do anything fancy, just watch my dauthger and family grow up on camera, send a few DVDs to Aunts and Uncs etc so just want to be able to capture good quality and put onto DVD.

    I hope you can help, the wife is going to kill me if i waste another weekend on the pc with this camera!!!!!

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    Simple. Ditch the modem, get a firewire card.
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    is it gonna be as simple as just getting a firewire card?

    also I know its a bit late now, but is the JVC camera an ok camera?

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    Default Firewire capture

    I recently put a 10 firewire card into a new home-built PC, then tested it with a JVC 167 (a Dixons jobbie) and it worked a treat. No problems with capture at all. This looks like your answer.

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    Thanks for your help, I'll let you know how I get on.
    I didn't make a great start, as I purchased a 4-6 pin firewire cable, and I needed a 4-4pin for my laptop connection.
    I will get a card bought for my PC too. Some of the sellers on Ebay sell the cards with some software bundled with it.

    Watch this space.

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    Firewire Card purchased for 10, and success at last.!!!
    However, I am now having problems with my final DVDr.

    Strangely my sony dvd player that is usually rubbish at playing most copied DVD's seems to play my created DVD's (burnt on BulkPaq DVD-R), but my LG player either won't play at all saying Disk error, or burnt onto Datawrite Media skips chapters and jumps scenes etc
    Any Ideas??? Please I'm now becoming desperate.

    I got to grips with the editing quite nicely, got clever with menus, titles and music. But now this is annoying me, not being able to burn a final DVDr to share with my family.

    ANy help will be great.

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