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Thread: Corel Video Studio Pro 12 - Out of memory when rendering AVCHD

  1. Default Corel Video Studio Pro 12 - Out of memory when rendering AVCHD

    Hi Guys,

    I'm having problems encoding movies in AVCHD formaf from my camcorder. I have this one project which is around 50 minutes and it gets to 98% then crashes out with an out of memory error. I have plenty of HDD space available (around 70gb) and when monitoring the system resources the memory never gets full. Its a core 2 duo with 3gb of ram.

    I've rendered other video's fine from the same source so I know the PC is capable of rendering AVCHD

    I'm outputting to AVCHD 1080 when I get the error.

    Any ideas on this?

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    Hello again,

    I've been playing with some settings like the page file but still have the same problem.

    I have a higher spec'd machine upstairs which i've moved all the information onto in order to test with an extra 1gb of memory and a quad core processor at 3ghz.

    Does anyone have any other pointes as to what I can try with this? I've spend a week constantly aditing this and i'd be gutted if its all been for nothing!

    Any help apreciated.

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