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Thread: Resize Picture in Adobe Premiere 6.5

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    Default Resize Picture in Adobe Premiere 6.5

    Im editing a project which contains all pictures. Is there any way that i can resize the pictures in Premiere 6.5. Although i have inserted all the pictures in timeline but some pictures looks bit stretchy so i wanna resize it.

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    Default Resizing stills in timeline

    In one of the menus on the toolbar (timeline, I think), look for 'clip' > 'maintain aspect ratio'. This will correct any distortion of the still picture. Ideally, do this before you insert the clip on the timeline. Is this what you meant?

    As well as this, I'm sure images will resize just like video clips - drop the 'transform' filter onto the individual clip - then alter the two position variables: vertical & horizontal.

    Alternatlively, slide the two numerical values to increase or decrease size. While doing this, you can hold down the 'shift' key to maintain the picture's proportions.

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