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Thread: need help not sure what to do

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    Default need help not sure what to do

    hi my friend gave me a avi file he needs the subtitles removeing from the video, the file dident come with a sub file and he dosent have one, can i still remove the subtitles and how do i do it?

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    No you can't remove them if they are part of the movie file.

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    well if u take every frame into photoshop u can try to blend the subtitles with what is around them, this is only if its a short clip of course. ull be sitting there for a year is not =P

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    The only other option would be to add a blur effect over the area where the subtitles appear but obviously that could look worse than the subtitles themselves.

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    yea it most likly isent worth me blurign them coz i would be here for a centuary lol

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    I do not think you could remove the subtitle which exists in the video. In my opinion, you could only add subtitile on it.


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