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Thread: Sound problems ! Help !

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    Default Sound problems ! Help !

    I don't know what I do wrong. I used Corel Video X2 and also Adobe. When I listen to the imported music (preview) the sound is alright, but when I burn the DVD the sound quality of the imported music is just bad. Can I solve that problem??? Grateful for any advise ! I am just a beginner !

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    Well if it starts off sounding good and then you do something and it sounds bad I'm sure once we get to the bottom of what you are doing we will solve your problem. It could simply be that you have a low bit rate setting.

    I'm not familiar with Corel but I'm sure if you can tell me your sound settings we can take it from there.

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    Default Settings

    my settings are wav sound, compession pcm, 44.100 kHz, 16 bit Stereo tried it also with 32 bit, also tried normal mp3 file, and also tried 48.000 khz.
    Thanks for the reply, I am away until Thursday, hopefully I hear back

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    I can't see anything from your settings that would cause the sound to become bad. So when you play back your DVD do you play it on your computer or a TV with rubbish speakers ?

    Only thing I can think is that you have set it at surround sound and not stereo. Apart from that I'm not familiar enough with Corel to know what else you could have set.

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    Actually it would be a good idea to post a clip of the before and after so we can hear them both. You can load an mp3 of up to 19.7Mb on this forum.

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    Default Sound

    It is actually good when I listen on the computer to it. Just when I burn it onto DVD the sound is just misserable. Its like a scratching sound and I can not put it to loud its getting just unclear and scratchy. If I should upload the burned sample from a dvd ??? How can I do that????

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    Yes I would describe it as distorted and like scratchy. On the computer it sounds fine. Its just when it comes to the burning

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    Try this: double-click the volume(bottom right of your comuter), select the advanced under microphone volume, then select 1-mic-strong, hope this helps!

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