Hey guys, im new to this whole video editing thing, i wanted to try it out because i play a game online (Runescape, if anyone knows about it) and basically im trying to take a bunch of clips (about 15-35?) that are each about 30 seconds to 2min long and put them into a single video FILLED with effects and cool stuff.

a week ago from today i got the full version of Adobe After Effects, and i have been staying home and watching the basic videos from "videocopilot.net" OVER and OVER again because i would always watch them and then never remember what to do once i wanted to make something myself. im getting VERY frustrated and confused but i really want to learn how to edit videos.

i asked a couple of friends that do a little video editing here and there and they said that im using the wrong type of program completely, they said im using a special effects application meanwhile i should be using a video editor. and i know that its not true because here is a video of pretty much the same thing i will be doing but better (if i knew how to =P) and this guy uses After Effects.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k90Vvu3v0fs]YouTube - [ FOE ] The FOE Pking Video 3 (III) Final Ownage Elite[/ame]

my question to you guys is if you can help me with this problem, if you know any place with really really detailed tutorials or if you gave me a link to a specific video that you think im trying to do.