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Thread: Fist time video capture

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    Default Fist time video capture

    After advice here, I am just about set up ... first initial captures worked a treat.
    SVHS deck <svideo/L&R audio> ADVC300
    ADVC 300 < IEE1394 > PC

    On PC current set up is Sony Vegas Studio 9
    Using Video Capture to DV files.
    I'll copy in a bundle of tapes first then have a go at improving & editing later.
    Really pleased that they have come in jitter free and colours seem good.

    Just wanted to check that using the Sony Vegas for capture is OK ? .... I know a lot of people talk about WinDV and other programs, as Sony Vegas seems to work so easily is this OK .... that I'm not losing any quality by using it ?

    Apart from setting region to Europe & file to DV everything else is standard the saved .avi files are:
    720 x 576
    Data rate 28800kbps
    Total bitrate 30336kbps
    25 frames per sec

    Saved files are about 0.22 GB per minute of video

    ADVC 300 is left at default, Picture Controller s/w installed but nothing tweaked.

    Does all this seem OK ... wanted to check before I digitize the rest.

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    Sounds like your good to go. I don't see why capturing with Sony Vegas would cause any loss of quality rather than WinDV.

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    Been using that very same method for 8 years now, and it is rock solid too.

    I've had my work

    1] Screened at the British Library

    2] Used on a Cable TV ad

    3] On 1000s of Corporate DVDs

    4] Used as a video review for microphone company

    5] Capital Refurbishments schemes

    6] As the visual for Central London Government organisation winning 1st place for their building scheme.

    . . and all of this was using the same method as you have for capturing SD, and from a 1/4" CCD too.

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