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Thread: Should a Gaming PC do the trick?

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    Default Should a Gaming PC do the trick?

    Hi guys, Ive been shopping for a high end system for After Effects and Premiere Pro, and thought it best to look to PCs built for games, since they should have fast CPUs and very good graphics card.

    The best I have found for the price (around 400) is this:

    CPU: Intel Core Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5GHz
    RAM: 4GB DDR2 800MHz , HDD: 500GB SATA II
    GRAPHICS: ATI Radeon HD4670 1Gb
    DVD: DVD+/-RW Drive
    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

    Then on top of that I'd like to upgrade to an additional internal 1TB SATAII drive for a scratch disk, and dump finished projects on an external.

    Whaddya think? I thnk thats pretty awesome for my limited budget, and sinec Im currently doing my work no a 512Mb machine its sure to be a massive improvement whatever I buy.

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    That look pretty good for 400

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    I recon you'll be able to edit pretty well with that as well as play games.

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    Whilst cost may be limiting the RAM to 4Gb; I might hope the chips used will allow more RAM to be added later (without having to discard the original).
    IMHO, 8Gb RAM (and a 64bit o/s) can be very helpful when running Premiere and After Effects at the same time.

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    The Spec is ok, cettainly ok for the price.

    There are a few problems though;

    What brand is the RAM? (Corsair/OCZ are the ones to go for)
    Who makes the hard drive? (WD/Seagate/samsung good brands)

    And the biggest question of them all is who makes the case and Power supply? Make sure you get something decent.

    These guys have a good range of rigs with decent parts in by the looks of it; Gaming Computers, Gaming PCs & Custom PC desktop base units UKGC

    Plenty more out there if you google em, but make sure you are getting decent quality parts

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    Thanks for the tips!

    Unfortunatly the company made a mistake with the listing and the actual graphics card is a Sparkle GeForce GT220 1Gb - not sure if there is much difference between that and the ATI Radeon.

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    It may be prudent to consider Adobe's own website for cards which they claim are compatible. Of course, there will be may installations whose cards are not listed there. But I suspect there may be degrees of incompatibilty (for example, whether the card supports OpenGl or not).

    Adobe - Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Third-party hardware compatibility

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