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Thread: Audio Library for Drum smashes and effects

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    Default Audio Library for Drum smashes and effects

    Hey guys,

    its my first post, but I start off with something quite concrete
    I'm owner of the SoundFX that is sold by and since my Brother was working in the film industry as a director he had access to different music libarys such as music scores from X-Ray Dog, Two steps from Hell, Veigar, Epic Score and various others. However he gave them to me on a dvd and now I have them in itunes and can use them for my own trailers and so on. However thats not the point i want to get to, I was wondering if there is any company like audio machine or X-ray Dog, that provides hard smashes made with drums or so to a reasonable price? The only one I have so far is the one from SoundFX but they seem to be too soft for a good use. I want a hard smash as they have it in the Star Trek trailer for example at 0:12 - 0:13 when kirk gets hittet..

    thanks if someone could help me.

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    This is a great sound library. FreeSound.Org

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    Thanks for your quick reply but I'm searching for a audio libarary that is made for comercial usage. I listend to some of the tracks on the website, but most of them contain background noises, and since its ment to be used in a HD trailer with a high audio bitrate and nice music, it should be best quality
    I thought more of a library to purchase!

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    Lasse, there are tons of drum and bass hits throughout to license. If you go to bass buttons scroll half way down the page there's one called "Hit Low Bass" that could work. or, go to low impact sound effects and demo one called "Science Fiction Impact Thud" and also "Boom, Metal Dark Verb 1"

    Otherwise, use the keyword search at the top right and search for "low impact" or "drum hit" and there should be tons of choices

    Also, these are high quality sfx that can be download at 48k sample rate, perfect for HD

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    Adam, you've spammed your link 6 times in your six posts since joining. We have an appropriate place for commercial links, and that's Pimp the Link - Video Editing Forums: Digital Director. I'd be happy to leave your posts in place, if you'll return the favour. How about offering a few free sounds for VF members?

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    Hello Marc, I was wondering if the moderator would call me out on these posts. My bad. It's just that I kept finding posts appropriate to my line of work and I do believe my suggestions are relevant. I came across other relevant ones but had to draw the line somewhere.

    i intend to continue participating in discussions and will hold off on any more links for a while.

    I do have free sound effects that I just added to my site yesterday in fact. Anyone can go there and right click and download. There's about 100 in a bunch of different categories.

    In order to not post yet another link I'll write it like this:

    http:// Sound Effects, Royalty Free Music, Sound Clips, Music Loops, Sound FX /free-sound-effects.cfm

    I'll be updating the site frequently with new free effects

    Thanks, sorry, I'm seriously congnizant of needing to provide good info without being a spamming nuisance, best, Adam

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