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    Hello all.
    I have a Sony mini dv, DCR HC62 along with some mini dvs from past camcorders. In the next couple of years I would like to change camcorder formats, maybe solid state so I would like to get all of my mini dvs changed into soft copy, video files. I donít care what format, I just want them to be high quality. Once my camcorder goes, I these files will be all that I have. I am, however, having a hell of time getting this done. As was noted in the forum sticky, I downloaded the files directly from my camcorder to my computer and the files are HUGE 10-12 gigs each, so big, I cannot even play them. So, I need to do something about encoding them or getting them in some other format. A friend suggested that I use WINFF to do this but all of the final videos donít look as nice as my original video, also as stated in the sticky for this forum. I have tried every possible video format for the final file but none look as nice as original from the camcorder. All of this leaves me at a total loss on how to proceed. I need to get these videos in the best possible format but in their current state I cannot even play them on my computer due to the current file size. With this in mind I have the following questions.
    1.What is the best way for me to proceed, what is the best way/format for me to download (maybe not just convert) these videos so as to keep my current quality but reduce the size.
    2.What program is best/cheapest to get this done
    3.At this point, am I just better off seeing how much someone would charge me to get this done? I have been out of work for awhile and have more time than money but I need to get this done.
    4.Any other input that would be helpful
    5.Last thing, any thoughts about the mini dv format going away

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    Though the files are big it's surprising that your computer won't playback if it was able to capture. What program did you capture with? Does it give any conversion facility?
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    I download/pulled these videos from my camera with Windows Movie Maker.

    I do not understand why I cannot view them either. I have 4 gig of ram so I should have enough memory to buffer enough of the video to get it started. I can view other videos. Because of these videos I have very little storage space on the drive, that could be causing the problem.

    So if I understand the other posting correctly, it sounds like AVI or DVD is the best way to go?

    Thanks again.

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