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Thread: How to format online videos for HD tvs?

  1. Default How to format online videos for HD tvs?

    Hi guys. Happy new year.
    I've worked for ages online, so all my videos are created in flv format for, essentially, youtube-sized vids.

    I've just edited a wedding video (in Vegas 9.0) and not realised that my rendering is set for the online settings that are my default.

    How do I re-set it for a full 50-inch plasma (or any tv in HD for that matter)? Am I going to have to re-edit the entire video again or is it just a matter of changing the render sizes? All the graphics and photos I've created in Photoshop to lay over the footage will be too small too, right? ARGHHHHH. I've wasted two days...I can just feel a re-edit coming on...

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    Yes just change the render type and size. If you will be playing it on the TV from a DVD I would recommend rendering it to a mpeg2 format. Remember 1080 is full HD size but a standard DVD player will not play full HD. I usually render for standard TV at 576 x 720 in the UK.
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