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Thread: Jagged playback when editing full screen

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    Default Jagged playback when editing full screen

    I just got a new PC with windows 7 installed. I reinstalled Sony Vegas 8, and when I view what I've edting in full screen it's pretty jagged. Have I set up something wrong? My new PC has much more Ram. It's fine once I render, but I'd like to view things full screen and have it look nice.

    Any setting suggestions? Thanks
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    I believe, in Sony Vegas at the Preview box, there is a setting that says "Draft (Auto)" You can change that to Good and Best. They use more of your computer's resources, but provide a much better picture.

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    Presumably you are editing standard interlaced footage from the camera and the preview screen will not de-interlace it either. However if you are prepared to use a second monitor and use the external preview option, then you CAN set the external monitor to show de-interlaced.

    I have never been happy with the "external monitor" preview quality, even set to "Best" so what I do is put up with a few interlacing lines and simply drag my Vegas preview screen onto my 2nd monitor and resize it so I get a crisp image and decent quality.

    Remember that once your masterpiece is shown on a TV there will be no interlacing lines visible!!


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    Thanks for the help. I have it now. You have to change/or establish the project properties, then put it on "full" in the preview window. I reduced this shot in size, but no more jagged edges!
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