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Thread: Camcorder Surgery - anyone used them?

  1. Default Camcorder Surgery - anyone used them?

    As it says in the Title, anyone used Camcorder Surgery in the west midlands ?

    All looks good to me, but i always check up on everything online before i part with goods / money.

    Unfortunatly, with there being so many people out there to rip you off then you have to check everyone, even the ones who look good.

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    the chief engineer was head sound technician for Rumbelows Ltd 1975-82 .... you cant go wrong !

    seriously, i googled the company and came up with one amateur looking web page (with no links) and from what i can gather the business operates from somebody's home address, not saying this is necessarily a bad thing just that im a bit old fashioned and im not sure i would entrust an expensive camcorder to a business with no references and an armature looking web site (page) !?!?

    have you had a quote from a recognised service centre ?

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    It looks like a home address, but it has a link to a map on the site, which would sugest they arnt trying to hide anything and that they welcome you going in person - so in that respect i dont think thats an issue

    The quote he has given is a good one - unfortunatly most places you try and get quotes from want you to send them the camera for an estimate - but with the camera only being an old VX2100, my aim was to see if it was worth repairing or just replace it, so i didnt want to mess around sending it off for various quotes

    I am quite sure this guy is above board and all is ok, but i just wanted some confirmation off someone who had used him in the past

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    Has anybody used the Camcorder Surgery?

    Was thinking of sending my z1e to them to fix it.

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