I'm getting back into DV editing after a long break because of frustration due to DV editing issues. I still have the Uleads Pyro-Pro DV codec and I think it's a 5.0V or less. I have just recently upgraded my system a little with a faster CPU, more RAM, faster HDD and MS Win XP. I can't seem to find my driver for the fire wire card but with Win XP it automaticly recognized my Sony Camcorder. I started a small test project by capturing some video in MS Movie Maker. The capture process cut off at about 32 seconds into it but the capture clock was still going as was the source on the camcorder. I stopped the process and went to play back. The quality was not very good but I'll play around with that.

My questions is; why do think the capture process quit after 32 seconds?

Any suggestions?